Thursday, July 28, 2011

Raccoon Raid the Garden

No, don't you dare say, "Oh how cute, a little raccoon." Raccoons are not cute. Not after they raided our sweet corn two nights ago. They ransacked the ready-to-eat ears of corn gorging themselves on at least 15 -20. My DH was shocked. We have never had raccoon in our garden, although we are now getting reports of the critters in other folks' gardens this season. We even have an electric fence adjusted to stop rabbits that didn't seem to phase these hungry pests.

Deer, chipmunks, and bunny rabbits are not cute anymore either. LOL...not when they are varmints in our garden and stealing and ruining our food. 

There are some suggestions in a post on Critters Keep Away to help control varmints in your garden. Raccoon wasn't even on my radar at the time I wrote it. I ask in that post from two years ago, how do you keep the critters out of your garden and I am asking again today--"What can we do?"

I would truly appreciate your input on this.

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