Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Corn is Ready!

July 16, 2011--first pick of the season

Mmmm...sweet corn is ready. One of the best times of the gardening year, I think. We've watched over the corn all this time waiting and waiting for the first picking. Today, July 16, 2011, is the day! This is all yellow corn, Northern Extra Sweet. One of the tastiest we think. My mouth is watering just thinking about what's going to be on the menu tonight....

Three plantings of corn 

This photo shows how my DH spaces the corn harvest. He has three plantings here.

Tip:  Be sure to check the back of the corn seed package to find out how many days it will take for corn to be ready to eat...then figure out your timing for the next planting and the next, depending on your growing season.


  1. That corn looks good! Now I want me some corn. I'll have to brave the heat and go out to get some. : )

  2. LOL--yes, and then boil it in a pot to heat up the kitchen!! My son in law grills his corn but I haven't tried that yet...