Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Garden Fun for Kids--Square Cucumbers

I was strolling through the garden one morning when I glanced over at the cucumber patch.

I spotted something strange in among the cucumbers and vines.

Upon closer examination, I discovered it was a wooden box.

I knew my grandsons and DH had been up to their fun experiments in the garden. They built several boxes to house cucumbers. As the cukes grow, they take on the shape of a box, so we can have square cucumbers.

After a week, the boys picked the cukes from the vine and removed the boxes. Sure enough, no more cukes rolling off the table!!


  1. What an interesting idea. Have they tried it with any ofter vegetables in the garden?

  2. Thanks, Susanne. No, they haven't tried any other veggie to box in....yet.. You never know about those guys...LOL