Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watering Your Garden

With all the storms and floods this season, we can hardly imagine a dry time. But you know there will be times when the plants need thorough watering this year by you, the gardeners. Here are a few tips on the best watering practices.

When planning your garden, be sure a water source is nearby. You do not want to fill then drag buckets of water around the garden.

Morning is the best time of day to water. This gives the leaves time to dry. Wet leaves are prone to disease. It also allows some extra strength for the plants to endure the heat of the sun and dry air during the day. Do not water during the middle of the day because water will evaporate. If you have to water in the evening, then do it as early as possible.

Water the soil around the plant instead of spraying from above. Water on the leaves can lead to a perfect habitat for fungal disease.( Early and late blight is a definite possibility in some areas of the country experiencing so much water from the storms and flooding this spring. ( See my post on late blight.).

Water deeply rather than watering a little bit each time.. When watering the soil thoroughly the roots will grow deeper into the soil offering a good anchor and opportunity for slurping up the nutrients. You will not have to water as often. If you have a container garden, be sure to always check before watering by sticking your finger into the soil. It should be moist at least up to your first knuckle.

Notice the white PVC pipes. Spaghetti-like tubes radiate from the pipe and directed toward a plant for direct watering.

If you have a large garden, you may already have added a watering system such as drip irrigation. The water flows through a pipe with holes or soaker hose and directly seeps around the plants. Simply turn on the faucet and let the water run. No more holding onto the end of the hose. Go have your iced tea in the shade, come back, and the watering will be done!

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