Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Savoring Strawberries

Today my DH brought in twelve pounds of beautiful, ripe June bearing strawberries from our patch on the east end of the garden. Our grandsons are here today, so we quickly dispatched about 10 lbs in hungry tummies! No, not really. The 10-year old said that was the best breakfast he ever had…angel food cake and strawberries.

Gardening Tip:  To save your berries from hungry birds, place netting over the plants.

The bounty from this morning's harvest--3 pails of strawberries, lettuce, and first cabbage.
In the poll on why you garden many of you voted for the enjoyment. Gardeners receive many blessings from gardening…the wonder of a growing plant, the fun of digging in the dirt, the nurturing, and finally the product. But I think sharing your fruit or vegetable with friends and neighbors is a worthwhile reward too. Seeing our grandsons’ faces light up with that first, delightful bite of strawberries is worth all the labor in the garden.


  1. Those strawberries look yummy!

    Do you make jam with some of the berries or do you freeze some of them?

  2. Hi Susanne, Yes the berries are excellent this year and lots of them. We have frozen some of them, but no jam. My DH delights in giving them away. So far we have about 90 lbs from our patch and very happy neighbors!!