Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where is Spring?

Spring attraction!

Still waiting for spring in Michigan, but while we are waiting my DH has added new compost to the garden, transplanted wandering strawberry plants from outside the bed back into the proper location. I see little green sprouts brave enough to show themselves in all the cold weather. Frosty night possible again tonight. Be strong, little plants!! Brrrrrrrrrrr...Onions started in FL and transplanted in MI are not coming up. Too wet and cold he thinks.

I took time to study the poll on why do you garden located on the right side of the page...100% voted for personal satisfaction. I think that is an excellent reason to garden. How satisfying it is to bring a little seed or plant to mature into a delicious morsel to share with the family. I still can't get over this miracle even after gardening for so many years.

Check out the poll and see how the voting turned out whether you participated or not. It is eye-opening to me. I bet there are other reasons to garden. Leave a comment if you have another one. 

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