Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saving Seeds

Saving seeds is an old tradition handed down from our earliest forefathers to preserve the  best seeds for generations. Saved seeds are the strongest ones from the best plants in your garden..perhaps the biggest, the tastiest, the healthiest, the prettiest...I don't know about that one!

This practice can save you money since you need not purchase the seed packs. And you have experience with growing this vegetable in your own garden..a track record of sorts, so you know what to expect from it next year, especially if you keep a garden journal.

We love picking off the seed pods and showing our grandchildren all the seeds packed in there. Their eyes open wide with wonder. Even I am in amazement that a little seed can produce abundant food for us. Seeds truly are a miracle you can watch in progress.

For information about seed saving go to Urban Farm Online article or pick up their latest magazine issue of Urban Farm .

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