Sunday, April 3, 2011

Starting Seeds? Here's a Unique Idea...

Little miracles inside these seeds.

It's that time again. Start those seeds for your garden.

My fellow blogging friend, Celia Leaman, and avid gardener shares her unique idea for starting her seeds-Wishing to start some seeds, and lacking a dedicated bottom heater, I had the brilliant idea of sowing the seeds in trays, placing them in a shallow box lid and encasing the whole thing in a large polythene bag which I slid into one side of our large king bed. My husband being away, I kept them there for a day or two, the heater turned on low. I slept in the other side! So warm and cosy, those seeds germinated in no time!

Celia's idea for sprouting seeds is very creative. Check out this previous post on how my DH sprouted seeds too.

Do you have a tip on germinating your seeds? Please let us know your secret...

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