Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

http://www/I bet you thought you were going to read a blog about gardening. Not today--it's April Fool's Day so I am tricking you into discovering another part of my life. I am an author writing as J. Q. Rose.  My mystery/light horror e-book, Sunshine Boulevard was released March 1. Go to the J. Q. Rose website to find out more about me and the e-book.

E-books are the newest technology and are turning the publishing world upside down. There are so many positives for e-books--saving trees, no return fees, cheaper than print books, storage space not necessary (Kindle holds 1000 titles), and some day kids won't have to haul heavy books in their back packs. I love my kindle. You don't need a special e-reader or phone, etc to read an e-book. Just download it to your computer and read it there.

So, did I fool you?

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