Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Noah's Garden

Our grandson, Noah, is determined to raise vegetables in his garden. Noah's Garden had its birth last summer in July after the family moved to their new home. This spring Grandpa and Noah have plans for this new and improved plot of mostly sandy ground near Lake Michigan.

Grandpa brought a pick up full of compost to amend the soil. Noah, and little brother, Ethan, were excited to see the good soil and wanted to help shovel it out of the back of the truck. But Grandpa only had one shovel.

After spreading the soil around, the gardeners planted radish and carrot seed. In the photo they are planting onion sets.

Noah and his cousin Corbin have been good workers in our garden.The boys have been bitten by the gardening bug after helping Grandpa in his garden the last few years. Gardening is a terrific outlet for all that boyish/girlish energy. It is work, but so satisfying to sit at the table and enjoy eating the rewards with family.

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