Friday, April 30, 2010

Growing Potatoes in a Bag

Growing potatoes in a bag is not something I have ever tried, but my friend, Jan,  in New Orleans, LA took photos of her potatoes planted in a bag. She places soil in the bottom first, then as the green plant grows she covers it with more straw. When the potatoes are ready, she just splits the bag and there are the potatoes, no digging!  She is going to try kitchen bags next year because these bags were too large for her plants and needed huge holes for drainage.

Are you adventurous enough to try this?

Visit Jan's sites for lots of tips on gardening and ponds


  1. Janet, you start with soil in the bottom of the bag, poke lots of holes in the bag for drainage. When the potatoes start to sprout, you cover them with straw.
    Thanks for the mention. Love your blog.

  2. Ohhh, okay. Having soil in the bottom of the bag makes a lot more sense to me. Thanks for the info.