Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freezing Florida Temps and Gardens Update

It will be weeks or months before the orange farmers will be able to assess the extent of damage done to the Florida orange crops by 13 days of freezing temperatures.
In our garden the freezing Florida temperatures killed off the sprouts of carrots and radishes and mature cabbage heads. We have been enjoying broccoli, a bit discolored, and onions and radishes, and nice heads of cauliflower. Many of the large leaves were burned, but evidently the heads were protected enough not to be ruined.

Enormous sinkholes opened up as result of the farmer's watering their strawberry crops. The wells are now dry in the surrounding property. They had to water too long. Never have the farmers had night after night of spraying their crops to keep them from freezing. The freezing temps lasted all night, so the farmers kept the water going every night. This was an unusually long cold spell. Now the farmers may be liable to replace all the dry wells in their neighbors' property---a very expensive proposition.

I must tell you the cold snap froze our enthusiasm for gardening this winter. My DH lost cabbages that he had started the seeds in August. At the end of the season, as you all do, we will have to re-visit the gardening experience here and the timing for crops. I know this is an unusual occurrence, but right now it is very disheartening. I am sure I will feel better when I bite into the cauliflower and cheese sauce tonight.

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