Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Strawberries Under Attack

The strawberries are forming here in Michigan. I can't wait to pick these tasty ruby jewels packed with flavor. Take some precautions to protect your crop because there are others interested in getting a bite of the berry too. Basically the birds love feasting on the berries just when they are at their prime.

We cover our strawberry plants with a netting that allows the sunshine and rain in, but keeps those pesky birds out. Last year the netting worked very well, so I am recommending it to you. The netting is available at garden centers during strawberry growing season. Pick some up today so you won't be disappointed when you go to pick a bowlful of berries for your favorite strawberry dessert or cereal topping.

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  1. A blog about gardening!? Awesome - I LOVE organic gardening - so does my 25 year old son - I'll have to turn him on to your blog. :)

    Thanks for the visit to Free Spirit and the follow - I'll be back.

    The Old Silly From Free Spirit Blog