Sunday, February 22, 2015

Get Ready for Spring Gardening

Gardening Quote by Helen Hayes
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The folks digging out from the snow and bundling up in coats and boots are ready to see a few signs of spring. This long, cold winter makes us long for the warm sunshine, gentle breezes, and spring flowers. Hang in there, it will be here. 

Grab those seed catalogs and dream of fresh veggies and tasty meals. It may be too early to actually start your seeds, depending on what plant hardiness zone you are in, but you can check out what you have in stock and get what you need ordered now. Also clean out containers and check on your supply of seed starting soil.

Green pepper seedlings.
You don't have to start seeds for your tomato, peppers, lettuce, or cole crops such as cabbage and broccoli, but you will save a few bucks  by starting your own. If you prefer to purchase plants this spring, they will be available at stores. Be sure to pick up healthy ones. Check on the underside of the leaves and stems for bugs, black spots, and yellowing leaves.

Taking some time now assures that you'll be ready to hit the ground running when the sun shines and spring arrives.!

Looking forward to sharing this 2015 gardening season with you!

Please take a minute and leave a comment to tell us what you are planning to grow in your vegetable garden. Do you have a garden plot, containers, raised beds, vertical beds for growing? Thank you.

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