Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vegetable Garden View--Florida Garden

Close up of beets, cabbages, lettuce in our Florida garden

Here are the latest photos of our Florida vegetable garden. We have an abundance of lettuces, beets, and cabbage shown here.

Notice the tall broccoli spear in the foreground of the photo. I thought my DH had really missed cutting this sprout, but he tells me he is letting it go to seed so he can collect the seeds for planting up north.

It has been a very cool winter in Florida. But this garden seems to have come through pretty well for us. We were amazed at how the lettuce leaves would actually freeze practically pure ice, then when the day warmed up, the lettuce would come back crispy. My DH placed pine needles under the lettuce plants. It really kept them much cleaner, no sand or dirt to speak of on the leaves when harvested.

One of the wonderful perks of having a garden--the joy of sharing the produce with friends.


  1. I'm glad your husband knows not to eat the "seed corn".

    Your garden's looking awesome!


  2. Thanks, Zak. The garden IS awesome and he is one awesome gardener!!!