Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Plangarden--a Tool for Vegetable Gardeners

This is the time of year to get your vegetable garden planned out. You have time to think about it and play with ideas. I know you have been drooling over seed catalogs and ordering seeds..LOL..With Plan Garden you can play with how you want to set up your garden. Instead of graph paper and pencil, you can use beautiful graphics and measurements to design the exact garden you want.  Perhaps you are wondering how much more room you need if you add more pumpkins or tomato plants this year. It's easy to figure it out with this tool before you have to start preparing your extra plot.

Not only does Plangarden help design your garden, it provides a journal/blog to keep track of your progress and the ability share your garden online for others to see. My DH is having a blast, once he learned the program through the tutorials. He is designing all kinds of gardens with so many possibilities.

If you are interested in this fun program available on the web, no need to download to your computer, click on the picture below or at the right side of the screen. Let me know how it works for you.

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