Monday, February 28, 2011

Seed Starting

In this photo my DH placed the seeds on a wet paper towel and set them in a warm place to sprout.

Time to check the backs of your seed packages for seed starting time. Read the instructions on the back of each seed packet so will be able to transplant a strong healthy plant in the garden this spring.

Check my previous post on seed germination for helpful information for giving your seeds a good start. There are so many containers to use and methods of transplanting.

video by Peaceful Valley is interesting, but definitely not the only way to start seeds. Watch it and you may find some interesting tips and of course feed your urge to get out the seeds and go...LOL..Be patient, you Northerners. You don't want to get too anxious and have the seeds indoors growing too large to transplant this spring. Yep, we've been there and done that!! Have fun!

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