Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Potato and Watermelon Harvesting with Grandpa

You know how much work it is to dig up potatoes, then bend over to pick up the harvest. My DH has solved the problem and made it a lot of fun...Get the grandkids to do the work! Below are photos from harvesting the yellow German and Yukon potatoes and Red Pontiacs. The total on the potato yield is 125 pounds, a record for us. The potatoes are a good size and well-formed thanks to the new compost he has put on the garden the last couple years. Soil really does make a difference!

The watermelons are a favorite of our family. This year they were exceptionally nice and sweet. They ranged in size from 14 lbs - 25 lbs. What a refreshing treat on these hot summer days.

Very proud of his find.

Grandpa let each child pick out his watermelon in the summer, then carved their names in each one. The name became bigger as the watermelon grew.

It's more fun to get on your knees and pick up the dirty potatoes.

Lots of delicious watermelons for seed spittin'....


  1. send me the pic of a, n, and e. it's darling! I tried to swipe it but blogger wouldn't let me. sara

  2. What a fun way to spend the day with the grand kids. It looks like they were all enjoying themselves. And what fun, to each have a personalized watermelon. I remember seed spitting contests with my siblings. What fun summertime memories!

  3. Suzanne--So did you win the seed spitting contests?? Thanks for reading and commenting on my posts. I look forward to seeing them now.

  4. Sara Beth--I have 3 similar to this one and will send you all of them...