Saturday, July 10, 2010

Deer, Deer, Go Away

At this moment, deer are not beautiful or graceful anymore to me. They are destroying our garden. They are as pest-like as having a colony of rats in the neighborhood. We started the garden with a small fence to keep out the rabbits this year as they were a problem in previous years. The rabbits have not appeared, so we thought all was going great until this infestation of deer began feasting on the garden. As the weeks wore on the height of the fence grew. Nothing helped. I guess our veggies are delicious.

Last week, DH put up deer fence netting seven feet tall attached to steel posts. The next morning, the netting was in shreds. These hungry creatures just went right through it. Not only do they eat the lettuce, strip the leaves from the scarlet runner beans, chomp on pepper plants, etc, they leave their droppings in the garden. (I don't know if you can say poop on the web...)

The next day Ted put up a fence of three feet of welded wire with four feet of chicken wire on top. I dislike the look of the fence as seen below in the picture, but that seemed to stop them finally. However they are now munching on our flowers. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....


  1. I hope Corbin's cabbage has survived!?

  2. Yes, Corbin's cabbage is okay...the deer evidently are not into cabbage with all the other tender vittles available. sigh.. Thanks for asking. If they eat his cabbage our hearts will break right along with Corbin's.

  3. I was wondering about Corbin's cabbage as I was reading your post. Glad to see that it wasn't touched.

    So sorry that the deer have been feasting on your veggies. Hopefully this last type of fencing that Ted put up will finally keep them away from the rest of your veggies.

  4. Suggestion...take Irish Spring Soap and shave it down and put the shavings into knee high panty hose and hang in varies spots around the perimeter of your garden. The deer hate the smell and will go else where. It's worked for my dad.

  5. Thanks, Donna, but the soap doesn't work on these determined deer. People have used many deterrents such as liquid fence as well as human hair, urea, blood meal. Not working...sigh. These are hungry critters.