Thursday, March 4, 2010

Waiting for Spring is Difficult

I know the waiting for decent weather is almost unbearable. The winter has been long and hard. You are ready for some warm sunshine to warm up those spring bulbs, to melt the snow off the garden, to brighten your day. You are ready to dig in that dirt preparing it for those baby plants you are so lovingly nurturing these dark winter days. You realize that the day will come when you will actually plant the seed in straight (?) rows and get the fence up around the plot to keep out the varmints.

Don't fret about it. Read those seed catalogs and check out some gardening books from the library or research on the Internet. There are some great blogs about gardening and information on vegetable gardening at Enjoy them while you have time to dig around, not in the dirt, but in the pages and websites.

I know this year you will truly appreciate the signs that spring is just around the corner. Take it all in, perhaps photograph some of them. Crocus breaking through the snow or a robin looking for worms in your yard.

I know the waiting is difficult. But, oh the celebration, when spring gets here! Woot Woot!!

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