Thursday, April 30, 2009

Asparagus Time

We live just about 30 minutes from the National Asparagus Capital, Shelby, Michigan. The National Asparagus Festival is held every year in mid-June. In this celebration of all things asparagus, you can bet there are a lot of tasty asparagus recipes, the crowning of the Asparagus Queen, and all the fun activities for the weekend.

It is not real easy to grow your own asparagus, but if you want to try, read the information provided in the link below, How to Plant Asparagus. It is very tempting to want to get a crop off the first year, but wait so you can enjoy a bountiful crop the next spring and the next and the next.

How to Plant Asparagus

The fern-like foliage is so pretty that it makes a great addition to fresh cut flower bouquets. The plant also adds a soft, beautiful touch to your landscaping. But, for me, the best use of asparagus is as a food that is tasty and nutritious. Below is a link to ways of preparing asparagus and lots of fun information from the Utah State University.

Fun Ideas for preparing asparagus and even a word game.

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